Here Are 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the most common creature that can be seen in many homes, especially in summers and rainy seasons. They tend to sting you to get your blood. Mosquito biting can cause rashes, redness, and itchy skin. They are not just annoying but can also cause a lot of diseases. Because of their bite, they can spread various diseases and many of them are deadly. 

There are many things and facts that are related to mosquitoes and people are unaware of them. Want to know about these facts? If yes then go through these 6 crucial facts about mosquitoes-

  • Black color attracts mosquitoes

One of the interesting facts that you didn’t know is that the black color attracts the mosquitoes the most. Many people might think this is strange but this is a fact. Dark colors such as black attract mosquitoes the most. Therefore, you should avoid wearing black if you want to get rid of mosquitoes. 

  • Carrier of various diseases

Many people don’t understand how harmful a mosquito can be. This is because they can spread various health problems and diseases.

  • Male mosquitoes don’t bite

There are mainly female and male mosquitoes that fly everywhere. However, one of the things that you don’t know is that male mosquitoes never bite. This is true as only female mosquitoes bite. 

This is because female mosquitoes require protein from blood from the people to produce their eggs. Also, they suck blood to stay hydrated. A male mosquito can survive on flower nectar, honeydew, etc. Therefore, male mosquitoes never bite as it’s the duty and requirement of female mosquitoes.

  • Can’t fly too high

Another thing that one needs to understand is that most mosquitoes can’t travel too high or far. They can fly a maximum of 100 feet from the place. But, there are many other species of mosquitoes that can fly up to 40 miles. So, there is the availability of different types of species of mosquitoes. If there’s excess breeding of mosquitoes then one should do Same Day Pest Inspection Services from home.

  • Mosquitoes are slow

One of the things you didn’t know about mosquitoes is that they’re slow in many aspects. On average, mosquitoes weigh 2 milligrams which make them fly very slowly. While flying, mosquitoes seem fast but they are not. When you get to see a lot of mosquitoes around you then you should try the Best Pest Control natural methods to get rid of them. 

  • Can be deadliest

Mosquito breeding in the surrounding can cause various deadly diseases which sometimes might also cause the death of the people. Numerous diseases can spread from a mosquito bite. So, it’s always advised to use repellant or mosquito spray to protect from mosquito bites.


Numerous interesting and unknown facts are related to mosquitoes. These are crucial to understanding to perform different pest prevention steps of mosquito control. Make sure to go through these facts to learn more about mosquitoes.